Trends in MBA Education and Online Classrooms in India and USA

Pursuing something as important and career enhancing as MBA education gets a shot in the arm thanks to the ever evolving web. Universities and learning institutes in India, Europe and the United States are all up for online education as streaming lectures online, reading e-content and interactive sessions over the web gains mileage among the youth and the working class. Prestigious International MBA education programs like the ones offered by Jaro Education in collaboration with UBI, Belgium, Europe; offers those pressed for time and money a ray a hope.

E-learning in India:

Online Education slowly but effectively seems to be going main stream in the Indian Education System. Schools, Colleges and Universities are taking small steps towards using the various online formats of education. Some prefer online tests while others include web based learning in their curriculum. Information technology related courses tend to tap more into online education practices. Distance learning providers are also taking giant strides in conducting online classes, live interactive sessions and training online.

Online Education in the United States

The United States is already a power to reckon with in Online Education with a 2010 survey showing that approximately 5.6 million learners from about 2500 colleges enrolled for online courses. Online learning seems to be a rising trend with a million more students in the US opting for it, in comparison to the previous year. This shows that online education is here to stay and is set to change the norms in education.

Students can choose online education from any institute in the world. International programs and short term courses seem to be the flavour of the season. Jaro Education’s One year International MBA program is a runway hit among students and working executives looking for MBA education in India. While competition in the webosphere heats up the deciding factor for students, will remain the quality of education, flexibility, time duration and cost.