The International MBA program advantage

Everyone is aware of the intense corporate environment existing today. The challenges and competition in the corporate world keeps everyone on their toes. This brings in the need for leaders and entrepreneurs. However in India there is no training available for creating and guiding leaders and entrepreneurs in their respective fields of choice.

Globalisation is a trending factor since the industrial revolution. Today Multi National Companies need employees who can function in a global work environment. There is a high demand for professionals and executives who don’t simply react to the change but lead the change. Thus there is an urgent need for a well structured, internationally accepted, multi-disciplinary education curriculum in management education.

A good curriculum should understand the need of the hour and implement the requirements of both Indian as well as overseas’ organisations. This is possible only through an International MBA program. It helps make the candidate ready for the global market.

Where can you get an International MBA?

Jaro education in association with United Business Institutes, Brussels, Belgium, Europe gives you the 1 year international MBA advantage. We help you get the best Management education that bypasses geographical limitations, connects you with experienced professionals and aids to conquer your aspirations. This is possible through our daily online lectures and weekend live interactive sessions. Affordability, high quality and flexibility are the core attributes of all our programmes. We help instil the values and skills necessary to be a manager.

Who can enroll for the International MBA program?

Jaro Education spearheaded by Director Sanjay Salunkhe helps give a new dimension to international management training. We at Jaro Education cater to a wide stream of working professionals, students and also home makers. The programs offered by us are recommended for people wanting to build up on their managerial skills. Our curriculum also guides individuals harboring start-up ideas and business plans.