The impact of International 1 year MBA in India

An MBA can have a big impact on an individual’s career. And a good MBA program can make you a sought after candidate for any company. Many international universities join hands with institutes in India to provide their education locally. One can easily give their careers a boost with an International MBA from Jaro Education, which has collaboration with United Business Institutes, Belgium, Europe.

Our International MBA program is of 1 year duration. It offers great flexibility, which means you decide when you want to study and how you want to study.  We provide books, daily online sessions and weekend live/interactive sessions with industry experts. One can view the daily online sessions as per their convenience. The video lectures are saved on the server and can be viewed multiple times.

How can an International MBA help with my career?

MNCs today want candidates who easily fit into their global task force and projects. Multi National Companies in India prefer individuals who have an understanding of the international business environment and culture. Our MBA training consists of new age virtual online classrooms. Here our students can view and re-view lectures from experienced industry professionals.

Learners can view these tutorials based on their comfort from anywhere and at anytime. We offer exclusive 1 year International MBA and 9 month executive MBA programs. Extensive research binds the curriculum together. Industry leaders and academic experts have built the content giving importance to International Financial Management, Corporate Finance, and Strategic Management amongst others.

Jaro Education’s International Management programs are designed in a manner that gives equal importance to domestic and international trends and etiquette in managements. Our programs help individuals gain confidence to achieve greater career growth and managerial positions in India and overseas.