Will e-Learning change the Indian Education System?

In the near future e-learning is going to play an important role in providing quality education with the help of the fast-evolving technology. E-learning or online (internet) based learning offers vast opportunities in gaining a wide spectrum of knowledge. Students and working professionals always tend to run short of time. Thus they can benefit from online learning.

Online Education sets the platform for self paced learning. Here the learner can study as per his/her convenience. One can study on the move using their laptop or internet enabled mobile phone. E-learning allows freedom from being confined in a classroom. It also encourages the student and makes him/her responsible. E-learning brings about self-motivation, time management and confidence in the learner. To sum it up, e-learning cuts across time barriers and geographical locations. You can pursue an online course or program from anywhere in the world and learn at your own pace.

At present, e-learning represents a growing sector of all the educational and training markets. And it is fast expanding, due to its popularity among youngsters. In India alone there are about 1 million plus online learners. Thus the potential for e-learning in India is promising.

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