Memberships and Certifications of our International MBA program

Certification is very important, that is what sets apart a respected institute from an unrecognized one. We at Jaro Education provide you an International MBA program with a variety of specialization options in association with United Business Institutes, Belgium, Europe. Jaro Education’s International MBA program is recognized globally and is certified by various International associations such as USDLA – US, UKAS – UK, EAIE –Europe, JAS – ANZ and ASCB – Europe.

Let’s take a look at our various certifications and memberships that truly makes our program globally recognized.


Jaro Education is certified by ACS REGISTRARS which is an UK based fully EU Recognized, leading Multinational Independent Certification Body. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service is the only government recognized national body that can assess organizations and standards that are internationally accepted. Being accredited by UKAS demonstrates the impartiality, performance, capability and competence of an institute.

United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)

It is a pioneer in supporting distance learning based research, praxis and development in the field of communication, training etc. Jaro Education is a proud member of USDLA. USDLA is a non-profit organisation in the US. The main objective of the USDLA is to keep the distance learning community connected and in tune with the existing trends in education. USDLA aims to serve the distance learning community by helping them in staying connected and ahead of trends in – distance learning, e-learning, mobile learning, web based training, online learning, webinars etc.


The government approved certification body for New Zealand and Australia is JAS-ANZ. Jaro Education is  certified by JAS-ANZ. It is incharge of providing recognition to conformity assessment bodies (CABs) with respect to inspection and certification. JAS-ANZ is a signatory to many agreements ranging from regional, bilateral to International. These agreements give international acceptance and recognition to JAS-ANZ accredited inspection reports and certificates.

European Association for International Education (EAIE)

Mr. Sanjay Salunkhe, Director of Jaro Education,  is proud to be a member of European Association for International Education (EAIE). It is a non profit body that aims to facilitate and stimulate the Internationalization of higher education in European countries and around the globe. It enjoys the commitment and membership of more than 1800 education professionals from around the world.

ASCB – Europe

Jaro Education is certified by ASCB- Europe . ASCB – Europe is a paradigm pioneer and an impartial, independent body for accreditation. It is a well respected and known organisation that combines user friendly and innovative business acumen and its stand on impartiality and integrity.

Our International MBA program enjoys memberships and certifications around the globe.