Opt for Jaro’s International Executive MBA course and leave recession or visa regulations worries behind

With global meltdown, strict visa regulations and various new laws have been introduced in several countries, making it difficult for many professionals to get admission in full time International MBA program abroad. Not surprisingly, many working executives are preferring executive MBA course over full time MBA. Most importantly, by opting for executive MBA course, there is no need for professionals to attend class daily or take a leave for attending classes.

Jaro Education,  an ISO 9001:2000 certified educational institute, offers International executive MBA courses in collaboration with United Business Institutes (UBI), Europe. Jaro Education offers various international executive MBA courses, such as one-year MBA program, International Executive MBA, and Double MBA Program. Jaro’s executive MBA courses are structured in such a way that it will help working professional to understand management abilities and international business standards, and hands-on experience in their chosen career field.

International MBA

International MBA is one-year program for professionals at middle and senior management levels. This course will help professionals to imbibe basics of international business, and challenges of local and global competitive markets. More importantly, this program has been designed to assist working professionals to get quick promotions, international job opportunities, or begin their own business.

International Executive MBA

International Executive MBA is a 9-months duration program which is structured to aid working executives to get familiarized with ABCs of managerial skills, and international business operations. This International executive MBA courses offer specialization in various subject such as Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Retail Management, Information Technology, Banking, Insurance, Supply Chain Management, and many more. For more information, click on the link below….. http://www.ubi.edu.in/mba9months.aspx.

Double MBA Program

Double MBA Program is a 6-month program which has been structured in such a way that the working professionals will gain thorough knowledge about international business concepts to meet the challenges of international competitive environment.

Jaro’s virtual classroom to save working professional’s time

Jaro Education offers virtual classroom lectures. These lectures can be viewed while travelling or sitting at home comfortably. This approach gives freedom and flexibility to the professionals to access the lectures whenever and wherever they want. Additionally, online doubt-clearing sessions are held at weekends.

To sum up, by completing executive MBA course offered by Jaro Education, one can learn everything about international business, and leave recession or visa regulations worries at bay.

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