Complete International MBA without leaving your job

Many a time, most working professionals, being fed up of stereotype work and non-promotion, look out for a job profile which offers them more challenging work and provides a chance for promotion. Interestingly; usually, the thought to get a job profile as they desire puts them in a dilemma whether to look for a new job or go for an MBA executive course, working in the same company. When it comes to switching over option, there are high chances that these working professionals may get stuck in the same monotonous rut even after taking a new job. Thus being aware of this stark reality, many prefer MBA executive course.

However, their dilemma and concerns do not end with the decision that they have opted to do MBA executive course. Reason – now, they are faced with even bigger dilemma – which institute offers such an MBA executive course that does not eat up their working hours, and provides them thorough knowledge about domestic and international management related skills?

To bridge this gap, Jaro Education offers International Executive MBA, a fast-track 9-month program, which is designed to equip working executives with nitty-gritty of management fundamentals and global business operations.  The international Executive MBA offered by Jaro Education is in collaboration with the United Business Institutes (UBI), Belgium. The specialization subjects in Jaro’s MBA executive courses include Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Tourism, Retail Management, Information Technology, Banking, Insurance, Advertising & Media Management,  Hospitality, Healthcare and many more.

Besides this, Jaro Education also offers Double MBA Program.  The Double MBA Program is a 6-month program for the people who have already done MBA, and require further polishing. This will help them hone their managerial and management skills. This short-termed course will not only help professionals to polish their entrepreneurial skills but also give them exposure of all specialization fields.

Keeping working professionals’ busy schedule in view,  Jaro Education offers virtual classroom lectures, which are available in the server until course validity and can be checked by the students whenever they want. Furthermore, online doubt-clearing sessions are held at weekends. Also, the lectures are delivered by the eminent professors who have vast knowledge about various industries.

To sum up, Jaro’s MBA executive courses are designed to fulfill the demands of today’s complex business and job market. Above all, it offers an option to the professionals so that they can complete MBA program without leaving their job.