Why Correspondence International MBA through Jaro Education?

Do you contemplate not knowing how to pursue your dream management degree? Are you confused thinking, whether correspondence MBA is a reliable option? If answer to all these questions is yes, then it is time for you to be introduced to the multiple options for international education available with Jaro Education.

How Jaro Education is different from other institutes?

The intense competition at all levels nowadays is making it compulsory for professionals to be both qualified and experienced to climb the corporate ladder. Thus, many professionals looking to further their career with a management degree like MBA are caught in a peculiar position. On one hand is the burning requirement to complete a management degree and on the other hand the inability to either quit their jobs to pursue a full time degree or take up a correspondence MBA course. Surprisingly, the most common impression is that while a management degree is crucial, a correspondence MBA will not add much value to a resume. However, this is untrue. In fact many have succeeded in building a great career with correspondence MBA from Jaro education.

T Linjin shares same opinion. Already an assistant manager with ICICI, Linjin not only got to study while continuing with his job through online coaching, but got to pursue an international MBA too. Pursuing his MBA through Jaro Education, Linjin was exposed to a blend of international subjects on strategic management which gave him a global perspective and ample opportunities to learn through live case studies.

Jaro Education, an ISO certified organisation, offers different international MBA programs in India in collaboration with United Business Institutes (UBI) of Belgium. These programs, further categorised into different modules consist of a one year international MBA program, a nine months executive MBA program and a six months double MBA program. These programs give you the flexibility to study from anywhere anytime through online class rooms.

Abhijeet Redkar, an assistant operations manager from Reliance General Insurance, agrees. After being in the service industry for more than eight years, Abhijeet finds that pursuing a one year MBA from an international institute does add value to your resume. It actually helps in boosting your career as opposed to the earlier notions regarding a correspondence MBA.

To sum it up, do that international MBA even if it is a tight fit on your time – you never know where it might take you.