Jaro’s MBA in Banking – Your ticket to a job in top – notch international Banks

Indian is fast becoming a hub of international world banks. Some of the renowned banks which operate in India and all across the globe are American Express Banking Corporation, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Limited, Anz Bank, Bank of America, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and many more. This highlights the contribution and role of Indian economy to the world economy, and speaks volume about the talent pool in India.

It is a well known fact that with Indian economy making headlines, more and more international banks are going to enter India. This may bring a spurt in demand for the individuals with sound international banking knowledge. In other words, professionals who have strong knowledge about international transactions, international trading, various finance options, etc, will be the preferred choice. However, it is not possible for all professionals in banking domain to have a strong knowledge about international banking business. But does this mean that the doors for international bank jobs are closed for such professionals! The answer is definite no.

This is because professionals with less or no knowledge about international business operations can join Jaro Education Institute which offers an Online MBA in Banking. To be precise, Online MBA in Banking offered by Jaro Education is a fast-track 9-month program which equips professionals with all the required skills and knowledge related to banking. Also since this an online MBA program, professionals can learn lessons by logging online as per their convenience. The topics covered in the Online MBA in Banking are as follows:

  • International Banking and Finance
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Credit Appraisal and Monitoring
  • Asset Liability Management
  • Managing Banking Risk

Validity of Jaro’s Online MBA in Banking

International Executive MBA Program in Banking is offered by Jaro in collaboration with United Business Institutes, UBI, Europe. In addition, certification by renowned authorities such as UKAS – UK, EAIE – Europe, USDLA – US, ASCB – Europe and JAS – ANZ makes Jaro Educational institute a reliable option for working professionals.

To sum up, Online MBA in Banking by Jaro Education will ensure that you have the required knowledge and skills clubbed with a global recognition certificate, which would make you the preferred choice in any international banks.

To know more about various MBA programs related to banking, click on the link below….. http://www.ubi.edu.in/mba-in-one-year.html

For more information visit: www.jaro.in or call Ranjita Raman: +91 9930363985