Climb up the IT hierarchy ladder with Online MBA in Information Technology from Jaro Education

From the past few decades, job opportunities associated with Information Technology (IT) related fields have grown rapidly. A good example is Indian IT sector, which offers employment to about 2.5 million people either directly or indirectly. Besides as per some statistical reports, having an MBA in IT helps a lot as it offers both:

–          Growth in terms of knowledge related to information technology

–          Opportunity to  earn more

This is the reason why the number of professionals opting for MBA in Information Technology has scaled up of late. More importantly, many working executives are preferring Online MBA in Information Technology.

Why Online MBA in Information Technology?

An Online MBA in Information Technology is a post graduate program that acquaints students to the both technological aspect as well as management aspect. The best part of Online MBA in Information Technology is that one can attend class online and, hence, the need to attend class every day is eliminated.

Which institute offers Online MBA in Information Technology?

Online MBA in Information Technology offered by Jaro Education is a reliable online MBA program as it is an ISO 9001:2000 certified institute, having collaboration with United Business Institutes (UBI), Europe. In addition, it has been certified by several global authorities such as UKAS – UK, EAIE – Europe, USDLA – US, ASCB – Europe and JAS – ANZ.

Specialty about Jaro’s Online MBA in Information Technology

Jaro’s Online MBA in Information Technology is a 360-degree MBA program which covers all IT related technological and management topics such as:

  • IT for Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • E- Commerce
  • Data Management, Databases and Organizations

How effective is Jaro’s Online MBA IT degree?

The usefulness of Jaro’s Online MBA IT degree is very clear from the testimonials given by several IT professionals, who have completed Online MBA IT degree from Jaro Education. According to Mr. Amit Ghodekar, specialized in IT, Jaro’s online study experience has helped him to understand the bookish knowledge, and implement various management concepts in his day to day office life. Most importantly, he has been able to manage study & work very easily with Jaro Education’s innovative approach.

To sum up with the required qualities, Jaro’s Online MBA in Information Technology is designed to enhance your career prospects in IT field, and help you climb up the corporate ladder easily.

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