Secure your future career prospects with International MBA programs from Jaro Education, UBI

Why MBA?

Working as a manager in a top-notch international company is a dream of many working professionals. However since many of them do not possess requisite management degree, they are unable to achieve their dreams. Also, there is a category of professionals who have technical knowledge but lack management knowledge; especially, decision-making and supervisory knowledge which may hinder their growth prospects in terms of earning big salary and getting quick promotion. In addition during the time of promotion, most companies prefer to promote the candidates with MBA degree rather than those who do not have one, as companies feel professionals with MBA degree will have vital knowledge to handle higher complex work related to business management. Hence, the need for a reliable post graduation degree in business management such as MBA is indispensible, and very useful to handle both management and managerial tasks.

Jaro Education, UBI, to the rescue!

Keeping all these factors in perspective, Jaro Education in association with UBI, Europe, offers International MBA programs based on international as well as local market scenarios. Jaro Education, UBI, offers two comprehensive International MBA programs which are as follows:

  • 1-year International MBA program
  • 9-month International Executive MBA

These International MBA programs offers flexibility and convenience in learning, and equips the professionals with practical knowledge with the latest management concepts used in both domestic and international markets.

Both MBA programs will cater to different needs of professionals as well as students, and help them to gain management concepts in the international subjects like, International Economics, International Business Law, and many more.

Count on Jaro for trust and reliability!

Jaro Education, UBI, an ISO 9001:2000 certified educational institute, has certifications with world’s leading educational groups like ASCE-Europe, ACS REGISTRARS – UK, JAS – ANZ. It is also a member of United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), European Association for International Education (EAIE), and Bombay Management association (BMA).

To sum up, in this world of uncertainties where everyone is aiming for senior-most position and lucrative jobs so that they can live their dreams, the practical knowledge and benefits that will be gained by completing executive MBA from Jaro Education, UBI, is invaluable. Most importantly, the practical knowledge gained from the course can be used in real life work environment to achieve greater results and accelerates one’s career prospects.

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