Executive MBA – a surefire way to create a successful career!!

What every professional looks for is a way to accelerate his or her career growth and an opportunity to create a successful career. While higher career growth can be gained through perseverance and hard work, an accepted smart way of accelerating growth is by adding to one’s qualifications through an executive MBA from a reputed institution.

What is an executive MBA?

An Executive MBA is a programme specially designed for working managers and executives aiming to accelerate their careers. The programme is streamlined for people with experience in the business and are looking to gain managerial skills. The executive MBA programme is structured in a way that allows students to learn from each other’s experience by providing a platform for managers to learn from one another.

Why do I need an executive MBA?

These days, having an MBA is one of the vital qualifications to further one’s growth within or outside an organisation. But for working professionals, it is highly difficult to create time within their hectic schedules to accommodate both their work and higher studies. An executive MBA offers professionals the flexibility to plan their work and studies. Usually, these programmes are held in the evenings and during the weekends to enable the executives to make time for their work requirements and for attending classes. Nowadays, many institutions in India offer one year executive MBA courses.

How do I select a good institution?

Ideally, a good institution should combine high standard coaching, reputation and greater career openings. Jaro Education is one of the reputed management institutions in the country offering management degrees. An ISO 9001 certified organizations, the institution collaborates with the reputed United Business Institutes of Belgium to offer valuable MBA degrees through executive MBA programs. The institution has on board highly qualified faculty with rich experience in both training and research.

To allow the students higher flexibility in terms of time and convenience, the institution offers its students a dual mode of learning – through classroom and online coaching. While online coaching allows the students to pace their classes, class room coaching enables greater learning through interaction with faculty and fellow students. The institution further offers 100 per cent placement assistance to all its students.

In summary, an executive MBA program is a highly useful program as it imparts leadership and managerial skills to the executives and accelerates their growth by boosting their confidence.

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