The Great Debate – Online MBA or Traditional MBA

Online MBA or Traditional MBA – this is one of the biggest debates that students find difficult to come to a common agreement with. Most graduates prefer fulltime MBA program while many working professionals choose executive MBA program which will allow them to work and study. So which is the best option?

A simple answer to this question is growth in job and salary. In other words, if the MBA College is good enough to impart required knowledge and skills, then the chances are high that its student may be able to get into a top-notch company with a high pay. Hence, unless factors such as good faculties and best training are good enough to make students understand about the crux of a management related problems, and accouter them with skills to find a solution to them quickly, joining any MBA college – be it full time or part time – just for the sake of certificate is a waste of money and time.

Having a clear sense of these well-known facts, Jaro Education is an educational institute which offers various Online MBA program such as 9 months executive MBA program with a goal:

“To impart requisite management abilities and business insight fulnesses to the students in the shortest period so that they can attain rapid growth in terms of both knowledge and financial aspects in the least possible time”

More importantly, Jaro Education is an ISO 9001:2000 certified institute which offers various MBA programs such as 9 months executive MBA, Double MBA, 1 year International MBA in collaboration with United Business Institutes (UBI), Europe. The certification and collaboration speak volume about the quality of education Jaro provides. The best feature of Jaro’s 9 months executive MBA online course is that it offers flexibility to the students to have a look at lectures from anywhere anytime they want. This medium called online class rooms has become popular among working professionals. Moreover, not surprisingly, even students staying in foreign countries, such as Oman, Singapore, and many more, apply for Jaro’s 9 months executive MBA online program. So high is the reliability and global recognition of Jaro’s various MBA programs.

To sum up, if you are one of those guys who yearns to gain thorough management knowledge and skills, then Jaro’s online MBA program is the right fit for you!

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