Three things your online MBA School must have

An MBA degree is probably the only post graduate qualification that is being sought after by all professionals across different streams. It is also most probably among the very few professional post graduate degrees that can be obtained through distance education and still retain any value. And done from a proper MBA school, even an MBA obtained through distance education will add value to a professional’s resume. Ideally, an online MBA school should meet the following criteria:

  1. The MBA School should not just impart theoretical knowledge. Many schools that conduct distance education just give out study material and expect the students to study on their own. As MBA is a qualification that has to do more with practical application, the MBA School should arrange for regular lectures so that the students can understand the concepts correctly. The MBA School should also have opportunities for students to participate in live projects and case studies under supervision so that they get a working field knowledge of managing situations and crisis.
  2. The MBA School should pay attention to the faculty. In most cases where online education is concerned, there is no role for the faculty beyond preparing the syllabus and getting the study material ready. In the case of an MBA, it is not as important as to understand the various management theories as it is to learn to manage real life situations. Hence, experienced faculty is very important.
  3. The education imparted should be in keeping with the international syllabus. We no longer live in a small local world where the players are local companies. As the world is increasingly becoming a global village, the managers should be equipped to deal with situations that involve international players. This means that they should have exposure to international best practices.

Jaro Education is an MBA school that offers international MBA courses in collaboration with the UBI of Belgium. The syllabus for the course content is at par with International universities and Jaro Education also boasts of a highly qualified faculty who are experienced in research and training. As lessons are offered through lectures, projects and case studies, students gain an all round knowledge in business management.

If you are looking for an online MBA school that will help you growing your career, Jaro Education is the right place for you.

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