TCS employees prefer MBA from Jaro education

In the present market scenario the demand for management professionals is rising. More and more management professionals are required today to meet the increasing demands of the market. The traditional way of doing an MBA demands that students attend day lectures and spend two years of their time pursuing an MBA degree. This option is not feasible for people who are working.  Professionals who are working full time need solutions that would allow them to enhance their career prospects without having to leave their job or compromise in any way in their professionals lives.

Study without leaving your job

Jaro education has brought in MBA courses that allow you to study without leaving your jobs. The best thing that our course provides to you is flexibility. You have the freedom to access lectures from anytime and anywhere. You even have the option of putting a pause to the lecture in case you have some kind of unavoidable interruption.  Set your own pace for study. All these features make an MBA course from our institute the first choice of working professionals.

1 year fast track course at affordable fees

The fast track MBA program from Jaro education takes only 1 year to complete and is offered at affordable fees with flexible installment options and bank loan facility available.

MBA from Jaro education – preferred choice of TCS employees

Statistics have proved that more than 300 employees from TCS and other top notch multinationals like WIPRO, IBM, Reliance, and Cap Gemini are enrolled with Jaro education. Due to our tie-up with an international university, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia, which is ranked 23rd in Russia,  students get knowledge of subjects like International Business Management, International Economics, International Business Law and Business Culture which is useful for multinationals as more and more companies are taking the global route.

Company name No. of students
Tata Group 300
Reliance Group 100
IBM 90
WIPRO Ltd. 90
ICICI bank 75
Cap Gemini Pvt. Ltd. 60
HCL Technologies Ltd. 60
Accenture Ltd. 50
Mphasis Ltd. 50
HDFC bank 45
Infosys Ltd. 45

Online MBA preferred over distance MBA

Jaro Education provides online mode of learning which offers utmost flexibility, owing to which online International MBA programs are increasingly preferred by working professionals over distance education mba. Unlike distance education mba, online MBA offers faculty interaction, online recorded lectures that can be viewed multiple times, even 2 hours before exams, which makes thorough revision possible and helps in better preparation for exams. Thus, with all the convenience that the course offers, more and more working professionals are enrolling for Jaro Education’s online International MBA programs.