Will e-learning change the Indian education system?

“Online learning will rapidly become one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s expanding workforce.”
Jack Messman , PWC

The power of the online medium can’t be denied. It’s a force to reckon with. Jack Messman’s quote couldn’t be truer. The online mode is indeed becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s expanding workforce.

Customization: The online medium allows self-paced learning to the learner. Students have 24×7 accesses to online recorded lectures at anytime, from anywhere. These lectures are more advantageous over regular lectures as students can put a pause to the lectures if they are facing difficulty in concentrating or they want some point in the lecture to be repeated. One can even study on the move by making use of the laptop or an Iphone. Among the MBA programs offered, online MBA has gained a wide acceptance with the young students and working professionals, owing to the flexibility and the convenience that it offers.online mba education

A step ahead of traditional classroom teaching: All  these features will definitely change the face of the Indian education system, which believed in old fashioned classroom lectures delivered by lecturers or if you have opted for distance learning course or correspondence course than you have to totally do away with lectures, you only get texts to read and understand on your own.

In the regular classroom system in case you are tired or absent, you miss out the lectures, on the other hand if you join the online MBA course you can start the lecture again if for some reason you were unable to comprehend a portion.

Presently e-learning is a growing sector and more and more students are opting for e-Learning. According to Mr. Kapil Sibal, Minister of Human Resource Development, low cost devices such as tablets and mobile phones would increase accessibility, proliferation of cloud-computing will change the way by which knowledge is disseminated within the classroom. He further added that around 2.5 lakh villages would be connected by fiber optics to build an information highway and a plethora of courses will be made available online.

Jaro Education’s Online International MBA program has been accepted worldwide by successful working professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the young graduates who want a faster career growth. The working professionals who especially suffer from paucity of time, find Online MBA very convenient as it gives them the option to continue with their job and study simultaneously. The need and the scope of e-learning in the coming times is tremendous. It will change the face of education system, crossing over all geographical boundaries, connecting with even the remotest of locations, with the help of internet.