Propel yourself to a supervisory level with Jaro Education’s International Executive MBA program

International Executive MBA Program 

Are you one of those employees who have a lot of potential but miss the chance to manage a team? Are you an employee who delivers results constantly and has won accolades from clients but missed the chance for promotion and increment in salary? If you answered yes to both of the above mentioned questions than the root of the problem lies in something that you lack either knowledge which you certainly don’t as you are constantly delivering results or you lack a degree like MBA, which you can easily acquire by joining the online MBA programs especially designed for working professionals. This program is conducted in conjunction with a leading Russian government university Ulyanovsk State University – ranked 23rd in Russia.

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Try envisaging yourself in a senior management position, where you have to select a candidate who has to manage a team and lay down a strategy, would you select a candidate who has complete technical knowledge but lacks managerial skills? The same predicament is faced by your company, no matter what you think about your technical skills, you should have the required knowledge to instill confidence in your seniors that you can deliver the job at hand. You can do this by joining the International Executive MBA program at Jaro education.

The International executive MBA program is a nine month long program conducted in conjunction with a leading Russian government University. This university aims at honing managerial skills of working professionals.  Jaro education’s international executive MBA program polishes the managerial skills of working professionals by:

Calling experts from different fields to deliver online recorded lectures to students, the experts explain various techniques and various plan of actions implemented by various top-notch organizations, through case studies and industrial examples.

Advantages of  Jaro Education’s International Executive MBA program

a)      Globally recognized International MBA Degree

b)      Flexibility in learning – 24 X 7 access to online lectures anywhere anytime

c)       Online exams at nearest available centre

d)      Affordable fees with bank loan & installment options

e)      100% placement assistance

f)       Faster career growth

Summing up

Studded with the required features, enroll for Jaro Education’s International Executive MBA program and propel yourself to a supervisory level.