Is distance learning MBA worth pursuing?

Many working professionals in their thirties and forties are confused whether they should pursue higher education in the form of distance learning MBA or to continue with their job as it is. The reason for this is that these professionals who have crossed their thirties or forties have a secure job with a good designation but they are stagnating in their profession. They do not get the necessary jobs or lack the overseas assignments. Many of these professionals do not opt for a full time MBA due to family responsibilities or work pressures, fear to go back to student mba programs

This is the area where distance learning MBA or online MBA scores over full time MBA. Consider a situation where you can attend lectures at your convenience at your home or office and don’t have to travel long distances, isn’t it simply wonderful? Thus distance learning facility with online learning is not just convenient it is more affordable too as there us no overhead costs of regular classroom lectures. Pursuing online MBA will give you more spare time where you can spend more time with your loved ones and also perform your office work more peacefully. Moreover if you have a management degree your chances of getting a promotion or a salary hike are more than if you have not completed higher management education.

Which institute to choose and what are the benefits?

Jaro education is a leading Online MBA institute offering International MBA Programs in collaboration with the leading Russian Government University, Ulyanovsk State University, ranked 23rd in Russia. It offers three kinds of MBA programs, International MBA program of 1 year duration, International executive MBA of 9 months duration and double MBA program of 6 months duration. We are soon launching several other programs to reach out to the vast population of India who is unable to pursue a full time MBA.

Jaro Education offers an international degree

Jaro education has a tie-up with an international university which is ranked 23rd in Russia, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. Thus you get an international degree and exposure to the international world of business.

Flexibility and convenience

Online MBA program offers the much needed flexibility in terms of online recorded lectures which can be viewed any number of times anytime anywhere. Moreover the option of giving exams at the nearest possible centre makes it utterly convenient for those who are stretched for time. All this comes at an affordable fees with bank loan and flexible installment options available.


Jaro education has several accreditations and awards to its credit.  Jaro is recognized by USDLA, UKAS, ASCB, EAIE and MCA, BMA, JAS-ANZ and several others.

With so many awards and recognitions to its credit it makes sense to join Jaro education for an online MBA program.