Evolution of online education

Advent of internet

The launch of the World Wide Web totally changed the way we exchange ideas and information and communicate with each other. This new media has also has had an enormous impact on the way we conduct education. With the internet serving as a medium between the students and their educators new forms of online education have begun to surface.

Online education started in the corporate world when companies used the online medium to train their employees. But this mode had its limitations. This method began to grow in efficiency after the advent of the internet. By making use of the online medium companies were able to train employees located in remote locations. They could also chat with the employees to solve their queries. Companies found that by using the online medium they could cut costs.distance mbs online

Why online education became popular?

Online education is evolving today. The regular way of conducting education is considered time consuming and is losing popularity. The reason for this is more and more working professionals want to pursue higher education without leaving their jobs. Effectiveness in online learning has traditionally been defined in terms of face-to-face learning.  The benchmark for quality has been that online learning is “at least equivalent to learning through an institution’s other delivery modes, in particular, through its traditional, face-to-face, classroom-based instruction.” Measures of learning have typically included general performance measures, such as exam and project scores and/or course grades, and teacher and student perceptions of learning.

More recently, however, authors have noted that by striving to make online learning “as good as face-to face,”we may be overlooking, even sacrificing its distinct potential.  Thus, some researchers who have focused on aspects of online learning have found it unique, such as personalization, support for reflective inquiry, interactivity, and support for collaboration

Research on online learning has also begun to focus more on specific facets of online learning and the complex interactions among them.

Wide acceptance in the corporates

The growth of the online medium has been taken advantage of not just by the corporate sector but also by the education sector. Universities and colleges are conducting different courses using the online education and this medium is gaining popularity as it offers students flexibility and affordability. An institute that is gaining popularity with its online courses is Jaro education. It offers online MBA with a tie-up with a leading Russian government University, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. The advantages of these courses are they are flexible, affordable and students get an international degree with 100% placement assistance.

Owing to its wide popularity, online International MBA is being increasingly preferred by Multinational Companies in India and overseas. Fast track Online MBA gives the necessary knowledge required by corporates who expect the employees to deliver from day one, in this era of dynamism and vibrancy.