How important is convocation in a student’s life

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela

A convocation ceremony is a special day in the academic life of students as after years of hard work and dedication, they get their hard earned education degrees. The MBAs occupy an eminent and enviable position in the workforce, and the achievement of their degree is an addition to the value they add to their organization.

Wearing the traditional academic regalia and walking up the stage is the dream of every student in front of his colleagues, friends and family members who have supported them in their difficult endeavor.  It is a defining moment in every student’s life giving his self-esteem a boost.

Jaro education conducted its convocation ceremony

As black hats are tossed in air, the sky is filled with euphoria. Graduation day is a unique celebration. It is the coming of age, the arrival of maturity and responsibility, which makes the heart go aflutter. Student dream of this grand day all their college life.  An institute that conducted its convocation ceremony and gave the students a chance to wax eloquent on the importance of education is Jaro education. It held its convocation ceremony on 21st September at Rang Sharada auditorium, in Bandra, Mumbai. The occasion was graced by celebrities from various fields who stressed on the importance of education.  On this grand occasion Jaro education also invited stalwarts from the field of HR and the faculty members who have contributed meaningfully to the welfare of students.

Students wax eloquent about the role of Jaro education

Some of the students also walked up on the stage and expressed their gratitude towards Jaro education.  Stressing on the international recognition of the MBA degree, one of the students whose company had base in Europe, was glad he would find it more convenient to serve his clients in Europe now on.

Jaro education is one of the leading online MBA institutes that provide international MBA programs. The institute has collaboration with a leading Russian government university, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. This university is globally recognized and hence students who study here have exposure to global business practices and culture, which is required by multinational companies across the world. Having knowledge of global business practices gives Jaro education’s MBA graduates an edge over the others, who pursue MBA in domestic subjects only.

The academic excellence and reputation of any institution depends on the quality of education and training imparted. The much awaited convocation ceremony is a living proof of the quality of education that has been imparted to the students. It is a culmination of the hard work they have put in to achieve their degrees. The special moment was cheered on by all the guests present.