Earlier finding a job only depended on your talent, but today it goes far beyond

A recent newspaper research in America has shown that most under 25 years of age, are dissatisfied with their job. They are constantly looking for change. The desire for change has a lot to do with poor company policies. Most companies are trying to cut down on its workforce and hence employees are overworked.  All this leads to employees seeking a change.

Companies on the other hand demand a lot more than plain talent from its employees, the ability to work in a team and handle teams are primary requisites for a job.

Searching for a job today is an onerous process. In the past domain expertise was enough for you to land yourself a job. Today market conditions, globalization, short life-span of products, demanding customers and growing technology make it difficult to find a job.

There is a real talent war on in places like Silicon Valley where companies are seeking talented professionals who know how to use their talent. Today you need a wide range of skills to find a place in the job market. Employees need to meet goals; they need to have the right image and the ability to work in teams. Besides having knowledge in one’s domain the working professionals also need to be techno-savvy.

Presentation skills essential to be selected

Besides expertise in one’s domain, the employee needs to have a strong appealing  image.

Companies recognize the fact that the employee’s image is a contributing factor to the company’s image. Earlier good grades and the B-school an employee came from was enough for a candidate to be considered for a job. In the present times, presentation skills, students’ resume’ and his ability to communicate his point-of-view, contribute to his selection for a job.

The employees need to have multi-functional skills and knowledge of the complete industry besides domain expertise.

Demeanor, comport and communication contribute to success in job market

Talent, an appealing image and good presentation skills are essential for an employee to be considered for a job. The other important factors are demeanor, comport and communication skills. Demeanor refers to the right clothing and perfect grooming, comport means the body language and etiquette and communication refers to the verbal, written and other kinds of communication skills. An employee’s ability to win the trust of his team members and his ability to work within a team and also lead teams is also a prime consideration.

The final quality that you require to succeed as an employee is the right attitude. A winning attitude will contribute positively to the company you are working for.

“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.” – Harry F. Banks