The benefits of an executive MBA

Why choose an executive MBA?

If you have chosen to apply for an international executive MBA, you are confident of the direction in which your career is headed. While graduates who pass out from a full time MBA program seek a new job, executive MBAs who are already employed continue to grow in their company and reap rich rewards from their work experience.

Jaro education’s International Executive MBA

Jaro education offers an online MBA program that is designed for you to continue working in your professional sphere while gaining new managerial skills and an internationally-recognized qualification reflecting your ability and determination to reach senior levels of responsibility. This program is designed for individuals at all levels-from top executives to up coming leaders. This outstanding program delivers what companies need most– Outstanding leaders who can improve corporate performance and position their organizations to thrive.

Promotional Rewards

It has been found that 37% of all Executive MBA students receive a promotion while studying and students of the executive MBA programs are more likely to be promoted than those who graduate from other MBA programs. The Graduate Management Council has also reported that 68% of executive MBA programs are entrusted with new responsibilities while they are studying. These greater responsibilities can include managing larger teams, overseeing larger projects, being assigned on international projects or simply being thrust with more leadership responsibilities.

Value addition for organization

Employers also recognize the added value an executive MBA professional offers to their company and facilitate upward mobility for the employee accordingly. Promoting employees from within the company saves the steep learning curve that a new appointment brings with them. It also boosts the morale of the employees when they see the possibility of internal promotions and career advancements. Thus an executive MBA is a win-win situation both for the employee and the company.