The Jaro advantage

Why an international executive MBA program at Jaro education?

To become a leader in today’s business world, you need both theoretical exposure as well as real world experience, required to work within complex, competitive, and ever-changing economies. This is provided by our institute Jaro education. You need both an edge to set yourself apart and the business connections that will help you build a global network. This is exactly what our international executive MBA programs are uniquely designed to deliver. Our unique program features:

Expert faculty:  With a breadth of knowledge in numerous industries and recognition for their teaching excellence and intensive research around the world, our talented faculty members add to the various MBA programs to bring their expertise to the students. There industry exposure and knowledge of real-life case studies enhance the knowledge of the students. Jaro education faculty is well-versed in the workings of the global marketplace. They are acclaimed scholars, researchers and consultants who bring with them deep knowledge and experience.

Academic rigor: Our courses provide the same level of education as a full-time MBA program and prepare students to face the stiff business world outside. The knowledge gained through an MBA course at Jaro education is second to none and the stiff curriculum prepares students to face industry demands confidently.

Local and international context: The course curriculum is designed to prepare students to face domestic as well as international markets. The training at Jaro education prepares students for working in senior managerial positions locally as well as internationally.

Diverse student perspectives: our students come from diverse backgrounds– from fresh out of college students to seasoned working professionals; they bring their different perspectives to the course culture. Students are able to compare and contrast their own business, economic, and cultural contexts with the perspectives of others.

17 specializations: To accommodate the varied schedules of a diverse student body, Jaro offers 17 specializations enabling the students to specialize in a field of their choice and work in a department that interests them. The renowned faculty and stimulating curriculum are the same in each, and the Executive MBA experience consistently delivers knowledge and industry experience to the students.

Jaro prepares managers instead of just MBAs to add expertise and professionalism to the workplace. It helps working professionals in accelerating their career growth.