5 reasons why you should pursue a Part-Time Masters Degree from a reputed institution

For many students MBA means enrolling in a leading B-school and pursuing a full-time course. However for those who are working professionals and can’t find time to attend a full-time business school, a part-time or online course is a good option. It offers them greater flexibility and affordability and is more convenient for those who can’t spare time to attend regular classes.

Following are some of the reasons why you should choose online MBA:

Greater affordability: Online MBA programs are more affordable than full-time MBA courses. All good B-schools charge fees of 6 lacs and above for a full-time MBA course whereas the fees for an online MBA course is much less.  For those who do not want to spend such a huge amount for their MBA course, an online course is a more feasible option.

Opportunity to use theories learnt in the real world: Working professionals can apply the additional knowledge that they gather from their course to their workplace thus improving their professional performance. Hence studying and working together has dual advantage.

You can continue pursuing your job: Many working professionals give up the idea of pursuing further studies as they can’t afford to quit their jobs. Online MBA allows them to pursue their jobs as well as study ahead. It further offers them the advantage of reaching the next level in their jobs with their additional qualification.

Flexibility to study:  Online MBA programs have flexibility of structure. Working professionals can attend lectures 24×7 anywhere.  Those who can’t attend lectures due to a busy schedule or due to family commitments have the freedom to access lectures anytime and anywhere

Company support: Many companies encourage their employees to enroll for MBA courses to enhance their knowledge. Some companies even offer financial support to their employees to pursue part-time or online courses. These companies benefit from the additional qualification that their employees gather and the additional professionalism they bring with the enhanced qualification.

Jaro education offers international MBA courses and international executive MBA courses in collaboration with a leading Russian government university, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. These multiple advantages that an online MBA from Jaro education offers make it one of the most preferred choices among the working professionals.