Jaro Education awards prove worth of Jaro Education MBA

MBAs popular with Mid-Career Professionals

An MBA degree is often seen as the golden ticket to success. Nowadays, online MBAs are becoming popular with mid-career professionals. These individuals are looking for growth in their career, and can’t spare the time for a full-time MBA as they can’t forsake their jobs for a degree, neither can they find time to attend lectures with their work. Still, they hanker after an MBA degree; they find refuge in online MBA degrees. These courses offer a flexibility which is not offered by traditional schools. Students get to access lectures online freely and even choose a nearby center for appearing for exams as well as choose a suitable exam date. All this makes online MBAs very popular with working professionals, managers and entrepreneurs.

Is an online MBA credible?

online mbaWe come back to our original question do online MBAs hold credibility? To check this, you have to check two important factors about the institute you are applying for—accreditation and reputation. Jaro education is an institute that is providing an MBA in collaboration with a leading Russian government University, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. This university is ranked 23rd in Russia and is accredited by world renowned bodies like WCI (World Certification Institute), IAU (International Association of Universities) and NICA RaM—Ministry of education of Russian Federation. Besides this, Jaro education is a multiple award winning institute, and hence the courses conducted by Jaro education hold great credibility.

From a fees point-of-view also an MBA from an online institute is more affordable. While an international MBA degree would run into lacs of Rupees, an online international MBA degree from Jaro education is more affordable because the overhead costs are cut down in an online MBA degree. Most multinationals are hiring students who have completed their MBA online and many students of Jaro education are working with TCS, IBM, Infosys and other top multinational firms.

Therefore as long as the MBA institute has proper accreditations and is recognized, the degrees it issues hold credibility in the market.