Growing trend of Russian Universities enrolling Indian Students – Jaro Online MBA taking the lead

The Indo-Russian friendship extended by Jaro education

The Indo-Russian friendship has stood the test of time. Since the times of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, India and Russia have been co-operating in all fields. This co-operation extended in the field of science, technology as well as management. India and Russia have walked hand-in-hand on the growth path; Jaro education has extended this friendship in the field of education, and has tied up with a leading Russian government university, Ulyanovsk State University to offer online MBA programs. This prestigious university is ranked 23rd in Russia and the courses Jaro education is offering in collaboration with Ulyanovsk State University Russia are International MBA, International executive MBA and double MBA.

Features of MBA course offered by Jaro education and Ulyanovsk State University

mba from jaroThe courses conducted by Jaro education and Ulyanovsk State University foster greater expertise in the field of management in the students. The program offers greater flexibility for the students in terms of online recorded lectures, where students have the freedom to access the lectures anytime and from anywhere, be it their home, office or any other place. All they need is an internet connection. The exams are multiple choice objective type questions and students can choose a convenient location to appear at a nearby centre. The exams test the student’s quick thinking ability and also how much in detail he/she has gone through the syllabus as the questions test the minutest details of the syllabus.

The course curriculum at Jaro education exposes the students to international business law, international economics, organizational behavior etc. thus preparing them to face the global arena confidently and secure jobs in India as well as overseas. This course offers the students great convenience as they can not just view the lectures from anywhere they can also view it multiple times for revision purpose. We also offer 100% placements, where the counselors work with the students to provide them with a job that suits their needs.

An MBA from Jaro education and Ulyanovsk State University fulfills all your aspirations as it provides you total convenience and a career of your choice.