Jaro MBA UGC Recognised for career growth in India

Jaro education has tied up with Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya to bring online and on campus MBA programs to the students. This university has the recognition of University Grants Commission and Distance best b school mbaeducation council and the tripartite committee of UGC-DEC-AICTE. The significance of this recognition is that a degree issued by Mahatma Gandhi University has accreditations from these important government bodies and this will enable you to get a job easily in India and overseas. UGC is a landmark in university education and it is a regulating body for universities in India. A degree recognized by UGC holds great value in India. The Indian government is seeking educated professionals to add to the workforce of the populace. Mahatma Gandhi University is doing just that adding educated professionals to the workforce. It is a university that provides education to you on your own terms. You can learn online or on campus.

The unique features of the MBA program from MGU are:

  1. Online video lectures – MGU provides audio and video lectures, seminars and teaching resources to its students with a hope to impart critical thinking, creative imagination, and intellectual exploration ability.
  2. E-learning/E-books – extensive online digital library for e-books, e-journals, research and informative services.
  3. Online On-demand examinations – chose the exam dates and venue as per your convenience.
  4. Learning Management System – most time-sensitive and widely used faculty-student enterprise system for learning.
  5. Industry speakers- provides insight about changing needs of business & bridges gap between academics and industry requirements
  6. Skill development program – imparts personal and professional skills alongside academics to enable all round development.
  7. Dictionaries of specialized subjects– subject specific dictionaries in an accessible and readable manner.
  8. Self assessment tests – aids in self – evaluation to focus more on areas of improvement.
  9. PPTs for students – helps to improve the quality of teaching/training and develops sound and systematic knowledge base.
  10. Affordable fees – Rs. 12,000/- per semester with flexible installment options and education loan facility available.
  11. 11.       100% placement assistance –MGU provides excellent placement facilities to its eligible and competent students. It also provides assistance of individual counseling suggests corrective measures as well as provides materials, references, and job listings designed to assist students in making short and long range vocational decisions.

An MBA from MGU and Jaro education is sure to give your career a breakthrough.