I don’t want to give birth to a baby girl.. I am afraid!!

Failure of humanity and mankind: Is this where our world is heading to?

A bunch of maniacs brutally raping an innocent girl to satisfy their male egos, a 5 year old girl, unaware of the ways of the world, falling prey to the ulterior motives of this heartless world, and so many unreported cases of this inhuman act of violence – is this where we want to see our world headed to?

Baby's childWe talk of education, civilized world, progressive society – shame on us if we chose to rather let girls getting raped in broad daylight rather than coming forth to stop such disgusting acts. Only 20% of rape cases actually get converted to FIRs, i.e. enter the books for investigation, others go unvoiced completely. Such a tarnished society has no right to call itself progressing and developing.

We, the middle aged, are now even skeptical of giving birth to our children. What if I give birth to a girl, am I really wanting to bring a beautiful harmless life to come to this ruthless world where right from day one, she will be looked at as nothing but a piece of flesh and blood that can be used to satisfy someone’s misdirected lust. This society is just not worthy, nor ready to let a girl be brought up.

We talk of increasing the literacy rate, there is no use of such a society where the humanity has lost its existence. We need more educated people who would never commit such horrendous deeds and also prevent such things to happen. There are so many lives that fall prey to such dreadful acts and can never restore their life to normalcy, however much we might try to take them to rehabilitation centres or other mediums of restoration.

The criminals shall be punished but that will never bring the lost lives back. What we need today is a system where the people are educated, a society which is more aware and humane, a world where a girl doesn’t have to think twice before stepping out of her house about whether she will come back the way she went out.