BCA degree online

India has been witnessing an IT boom for the last decade. This boom has brought in an increased demand for qualified IT professionals. Due to financial and other compulsions like family responsibility not all students are able to attend full time college to get their BCA certification. These working professionals resort to BCA distance learning, which allows them to earn and learn simultaneously.

The online BCA degree is awarded by a UGC-DEC recognized university. The Online BCA degree from Jaro education and UGC-DEC recognized university provides the following features:

Online-MbaAffordability– the online BCA degree from Jaro education is highly affordable, unlike the full time online residential programs. You don’t need to take an education loan as you can earn while you learn.

Availability of quality content-In addition to the books sent by post to students they are also sent online presentations and videos to make learning easier.

No cost of relocation-the availability of internet facilities allows the students to access the course content from everywhere-home, office or a cybercafé. Students can continue working and learning.

Networking-the online BCA course proves to be a great source of networking as the students interact with their peers across the nation.

High return on investment- online BCA provides a high return on investment as students invest less money and get a degree which is high return on low investment. Students get access to online study material, CDs, books. There is annual alumni meet of students across major cities of India. Here’s a comparative chart showing the difference between a full time BCA course and a distance learning BCA:

Full time BCA Online BCA
Loss of work experience for 3 years No loss of work experience
Loss of salary as students are unable to attend work No loss of salary as students can earn and learn
Investment of fees-lacs of Rupees Nominal fees
Effective program cost-lacs of Rupees Only the course fees

For all of the above mentioned reasons it makes sense to join an online BCA course from Jaro education.