Earn your business degree online

You’ve got a great career but you are thinking of advancing in your career. In the present challenging environment, a business degree may help you in getting noticed by recruiters and top management. Besides the option of a full time MBA program, which is campus based and may eat away your precious time, there are online MBA alternatives available to you. These courses are fully accredited and provide value in terms of time and money spent on pursuing these courses.

Online MBA programs are flexible

Jaro education is also providing online MBA programs for working professionals who are looking for advancement in their career. These MBA courses are especially designed for working professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and students. The uniqueness of the programs lies in the fact that they are flexible. That is, students can attend lectures from the convenience of their homes, offices or any other place convenient to them. This MBA program Jaro education is providing in collaboration with a leading Russian government university, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. This university is ranked 23rd in Russia and is a member of prestigious bodies like the IAU (international association of universities), WCI (world certification institute) and NICA RaM- government of education of Russian Federation.

Complete your MBA in a shorter duration

An on campus MBA program takes two years to complete, the student has to leave his job and spend two precious years pursuing the on campus MBA. An online MBA course from Jaro education is a fast track MBA program that takes just one year to complete. Students don’t have to leave their jobs to attend classes. Thus they save time and money when they choose an international MBA from Jaro education.

Online MBA programs are more affordable

mba from jaro educationWhile on-campus MBA programs burn a hole in your pocket in terms of the expenditure involved in pursuing them, online MBA courses are more affordable as there are no overhead costs.  Students save time and money as they don’t have to travel to a campus.

17 specializations to choose from

Jaro education offers the students a wide array of specializations to choose from. It allows them the option to pick and choose a specialization of their choice which would allow them to make a career in a field of their liking. For instance an MBA in marketing will open the doors of the marketing world to the students or an MBA in supply chain management gives them a career in the wide field of supply chain management.

For all of the above mentioned reasons it makes perfect sense to pursue your business degree online and complete an MBA in a short duration.