Online mba

The fast track MBA is gaining popularity in India. This program is of one year or nine months duration and is very popular with working professionals who do not want to devote two years of their precious time to attend a full time MBA course. Working professionals who want to give that competitive edge to their resume are opting for the international MBA course and the international executive MBA course.

Jaro education offers flexible management courses

online mbaThe fast track MBA programs offered by Jaro education are unique in terms of flexibility, affordability, global recognition, 100% placement assistance, global understanding and highly learned faculty. With so much to offer and that too in affordable costs Jaro education stands out as a premier management institute.

Let us discuss each feature of mentioned above and analyze why the online MBA offered by Jaro education is popular among working professionals. The course is flexible because it offers online recorded lectures which can be accessed anywhere from your home, office or even a coffee shop. In case the student missed out on a lecture or had some kind of unavoidable interruption he can re-access the lecture. They can even revise multiple times before exams.

The course is affordable. With a cost-effective charge the course is highly affordable and within reach of every working professional. There is installment facility as well as bank loan facility provided.

Global Recognition- the international MBA program from Jaro education comes to you in collaboration with a leading Russian government university, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. This university is ranked 23rd in Russia and is globally recognized.

100% placement assistance-the helpful team at Jaro education works with you in helping you find a job in a field of your choice.

Global understanding-The international MBA aims to offer exposure to global business practices and culture, which is required by multinational companies across the world. Having knowledge of global business practices gives Jaro students an edge over other students who pursue MBA in domestic subjects only.

Highly learned faculty-the faculty at Jaro has knowledge of the corporate world as well as theoretical knowledge. It provides exposure to real life case studies thus acquainting the students with real life business situations.

The comprehensive MBA program provided by Jaro education makes it popular among working professional who are sure of growth in their careers once they have completed the 1 year international MBA.