Rise in demand of 1 Year MBA program in India

Yes, MBA could be done in one year, and you can even get a job by doing this MBA. Students enrolling for this MBA program get knowledge about the fundamentals of management and they can apply this knowledge in the industry.  This one year MBA model of study was popularized by business schools in Europe and now instead of the two-year MBA program as per US based business schools, many institutes around the world are opting for One Year MBA program.

Advantages of One year MBA program

online mbaYou complete a MBA degree program in shorter duration and hence this also helps in completion of education in proper budget. You don’t have to pay for two year and you complete your MBA program in just one year, which saves money as well as time. Also, you learn to quickly access the situations and act accordingly.

For working people, sometimes it is almost impossible to take a break of two years from their respective jobs for the sake of MBA. In this case, people opt for one year MBA program, which allows them to take a break from their job for just one year and gives them knowledge about the theoretical aspects too.

Students in this program are taught to focus on their abilities and are helped to develop their analytical and managerial skills. This enables the students to walk hand in hand with the ever expanding and demanding business world.

No compromise with the syllabus

Even though the duration of the course is short, this doesn’t mean that this One year MBA program compromises on its syllabus. The curriculum covered in this MBA program is designed to enable the students to learn the needs of the business and the industry. Also, this does not mean that the curriculum is more difficult to cope up with. The MBA course is designed to meet the specific requirements of the industry.

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