Learning at any stage in life through distance learning

In simple terms, distance learning could be described as a class without four walls and learning at any stage of life. Today, we come across many people who are working in a particular organization, but are still interested in pursuing higher qualification. Many people are unable to complete their masters’ qualifications due to several reasons and now they face the restriction of time, age and distance.

online mbaIn addition to this, many organizations feel the need to make their employees learn the new technologies and concepts related to their business operations. In order to survive in this cut throat competition, many organizations ask their employees to go for a distance education degree programs.  As employees’ time is valuable and training which takes the personnel away from the workplace comes at a high cost, there is the need of providing increased learning opportunities in a more time and cost efficient way.  Many industrial, professional, educational and training organizations are meeting this by developing and using distance learning programs.

Distance learning aims to provide effective learning for specific and desired knowledge in a flexible manner.  The distance programs are a perfect mixture of different modern teaching methodologies such as web based classroom sessions, e-learning modules, printed study material and personal contact programs.

Jaro Education’s association with distance education

Jaro Education has collaborated with Ulyanovsk State University, Russia, which has a worldwide recognition and with a UGC-DEC recognized University from India, to provide distance education degree programs to the aspirants. The one year International MBA and 9 months’ International Executive MBA programs are online internationally recognized programs. Alternatively, Jaro offers interesting distance degree programs such as BTech, BSc-IT, BBA, BCA etc in collaboration with a UGC-DEC recognized University.

The theory of Charles Darwin (Survival of the fittest) is today applicable in the corporate world. Hence, one needs good managerial skills and expertise to be ahead of the others in this rat race. And if you have an internationally recognized degree, many excellent job opportunities await your presence nationally as well as globally.