MBA in Operations – The need of today

Operations, in general terms, refer to the corporate area responsible for producing the goods and services and supplying it to the supply chain management and the distribution staff. All the activities that are carried out to create a product and to select the appropriate suppliers for the products and of the raw materials come under the operations team.  Of all the teams in an organization, ‘operations’ is the department which needs maximum number of employees and the assets.

mba in operationsWith an MBA in Operations, one can achieve the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to work in this milieu. Now-a-days, the option of distance learning MBA is also available, that enable the candidates to study the MBA program as per their set deadlines. Through the mode of distance education, a degree could be completed in one’s own country and this cuts down on the total cost of the course fees.

Jaro Education and online MBA

Jaro Education in collaboration with a worldwide recognized Ulyanovsk State University, Russia offers two unique MBA courses which are specially designed for the working professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and students. These distance education programs provides management knowledge and the required expertise to accelerate their career growth. When a candidate is enrolled for International MBA 1 year program or 9 months’ International Executive MBA program, he/she has many options to choose from, for the specialization.

MBA in Operations is specially integrated to enhance knowledge, skills and capabilities required for responsible positions at middle and senior management levels. This online distance MBA program would assist working executives to get fast promotions, global job opportunities or start their own business and for the existing entrepreneurs to expand their business both nationally and internationally.

A candidate gains knowledge and learns the practical implications of the subjects such as international logistics, Production & Operation Management, Purchase & Material Management, Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and TQM (Total Quality Management). The knowledge about the domestic and the international operations is gained from the course and this may help the candidate in excelling  in his/her professional career in the corporation he/she gets hired.