Rise of women entrepreneurship in India

The emergence and contribution of women entrepreneurs in India is not a new phenomenon now. It approximately started in the 1990s and since then women are actively contributing to the national economy of India. Women entrepreneurs are very well aware of the utilization of the latest technologies, how to increase the investment, how to find a niche in the market for their business, how to generate employment opportunities and how to set a trend for the upcoming generations.

online mbaEntrepreneurship makes a woman independent and gives her the required social status. The spread of education and awareness are helping women to achieve their goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The skills required to be a successful entrepreneur includes high motivation, ability to take risk, technical expertise, time management, innovative nature and determined enthusiasm. These skills can also be acquired through a MBA course with the specialization in leadership & entrepreneurship.

Jaro Education’s help for the aspiring entrepreneurs   

Jaro Education offers two well integrated programs for the working entrepreneurs who are interested in upgrading their educational qualification along with their ongoing businesses. The distance education has gained popularity in the past couple of years and hence, Jaro Education in collaboration with a worldwide recognized Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. Jaro now offers One Year International MBA program and 9 months’ International Executive MBA Program with a specialization in Leadership & Entrepreneurship.

The specialized distance learning MBA programs are designed by keeping in mind the present and the future needs of the Indian and International economic needs. In these MBA courses, one gets knowledge about the subjects such as Leadership Excellence, Team Development & Leadership, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship: Skills & Discipline and Corporate Governance. Along with this 5 online recorded lectures of 2 hours each will be delivered by Ulyanovsk State University faculty on the subject – Russian Business Management & Business Practices.

Through the unique and flexible online distance MBA programs at Jaro Education, candidates get thorough knowledge about the theory as well as the practical implication of the concepts, which would help them in facing challenges in their own businesses. Jaro Education has seen a rise in the admissions of women candidates for the respective MBA program in Leadership & Entrepreneurship. Thus, it could be said that women entrepreneurs will take over the business opportunities in the Indian market as well as in the International markets.