MBA in Supply Chain Management

Many of management programs came into existence with the growing need of satisfying the customer. There are several options open for a customer today and if he is not satisfied with option A then he will turn his attention to option B. Hence, the need to retain the customer and to increase the productivity of the organization, many of the fields related to the management was updated. Supply Chain Management is one important field in the corporation which makes sure that the products or services reach the target customers without any delays or damage.

distance mbaIn order to cater to large population the qualified professionals in the Supply Chain Management are always hired by the corporations. MBA in Supply Chain Management is a perfect career option for the enthusiasts who are willing to make a long term career in this respective field. The field of Supply Chain Management is quite extensive and demands talented professionals worldwide. Therefore, pursuing a regular MBA may prove to be a hindrance in your career growth.

International MBA at Jaro Education

One can opt for an International MBA course in order to broaden the career prospective. Jaro Education analyzed this trend and decided to go for the Online International MBA courses. In collaboration with a worldwide recognized Ulyanovsk State University, Russia, the one year International MBA and 9 months’ International Executive MBA are offered by Jaro Education with a specialization in Supply Chain Management.

Along with the core subjects related to the International Business Practices, International Business Law; the specialized subjects such as International Logistics, Inventory & Stores Management, Purchase & Material Management, Supply Chain Management, Production & Operation Management and Enterprise Resource Planning are also taught. 5 online recorded lectures of 2 hours each are delivered by Ulyanovsk State University faculty on the subject – Russian Business Management & Business Practices.

Future prospects

As the curriculum of both the programs are specially designed for the candidates who are willing to work nationally or internationally, the job openings are also endless. One can start as a trainee and can then proceed to being a Supply Chain Analyst or a Supply Chain Manager with the help of job assistance tips provided by Jaro.