International MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management

A lot of tourism around the globe has given rise to importance of this industry as well. It is a very challenging but interesting job. A hospitality manager has to be very flexible and innovative. To become a successful hospitality manager it is better to have a degree in hand so that your skills and abilities are recognized. It will help you in applying for jobs. MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management is an excellent combination of subjects which grooms you in a way that you develop all required abilities within yourself.

CollegeStudentsThe International MBA program provides students with specific competencies for the tourism and hospitality business in a practice oriented approach. It takes into consideration the fact that the prosperous tourism sector is recruiting managers, who are dynamic and hard working. The specialized skills and leadership qualities taught in the MBA program, provides you with a competitive advantage over others. The knowledge about international management offers a professional edge for aspirants whose aim is to produce lucrative managerial placements in India and abroad.

Option of Online International MBA

Jaro Education in collaboration with worldwide recognized Ulyanovsk State University, Russia offers unique online MBA programs. The One year International MBA and 9 months’ International Executive MBA programs are specially designed for students, working professionals, managers and entrepreneurs.

Along with the core subjects such as International Business Management, International Business Law & Business Culture, International Economics, Organizational Behaviour, Financial & Management Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Management Information Systems; subjects specialized to the field are also taught. These subjects include Fundamentals of Tourism Management, Service Marketing, International Marketing, Safety & Security in Tourism, The International Hospitality Business and Consumer Behaviour: Hospitality perspective.

Job Opportunities

After successfully completing the MBA, one has the career options such as Resort/Hotel Manager, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Food & Beverages Manager, Front Office Manager, Human Resource Manager, Conference Planner, Convention Planner, Special Event Planner etc. The industries which are in search of MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management are Indian & International Airlines, Travel Agencies, Shipping & Cruise lines, Hotel Management & Food craft institutes, Resorts, Spas, Catering etc.