MBA in Power Management

Power Management is the systems engineering involved in designing Integrated Circuits (ICs) and systems to efficiently and accurately deliver electrical power to the various components in a system. Power Management devices help to extend battery life in portable products. These solutions support products that are popular in consumer (hand held/portable), networking and computing, wireless, automotive and motor control applications – especially for extremely specialized, high performance products.

online mbaThe awareness about the distance learning MBA programs is wide spreading in India.  Today’s global competitive business environment demands managers who are flexible, versatile, keen learners and who upgrade their skills as the technology advances. This has made international online education more vibrant. Also, with the advent of private players in the Power sector, there is a need to groom young managers equipped to handle the new and old issues pertaining to the sector.  The MBA program in Power Management develops your skills and abilities to apply management theories and concepts to live problems of the Power industry across the spectrum of generation, transmission and distribution.

Online International MBA at Jaro

Jaro Education has launched two online International MBA programs in collaboration with worldwide recognized Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. One year International MBA and International Executive MBA are especially designed for students, working executives and entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their career growth. The course teaches the basic concepts and skills required to identify international opportunities and threats, explain their impact, formulate real world strategies and implement plans to achieve the global objective. The online MBA enables to understand International Business policies, business environment and issues pertinent to international trade and commerce.

In addition to this, the subjects covered are Management of Power Transmission & Distribution, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Energy Management, Non conventional Energy Resources and Energy Conservation. 5 online recorded lectures of 2 hours each are also available for the candidates by Ulyanovsk State University faculty on the subject- Russian Business Management & Business Practices.

Some of the job profiles are Consultant, Professor, Vice presidents, Surveyor, Plant Manager, Product Manager, Assistant Manager, Operations managers, business development manager, energy dealer, price analyst and director of operations