Executive MBA in Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is a field which has witnessed lot of importance after the advancement in the technology begun. Today we cannot imagine an organization (small, medium or big) without an IT support. Computers have become an integral part of every organization’s life and so is the IT. This field of study not only includes the maintenance of software, internet & intranet sites, but also the maintenance of the hardware.

mba in bankingPeople who are interested in all these can go for a career in IT. Also, there are many people who are interested in the management of Information Technology. The IT has become a full department in an organization these days, and there is a dire need of professionals to oversee the management of the team. The talented experts are required to carry out these responsibilities and hence, this has made it necessary for the Universities to start with a professional management course in IT.

Executive MBA is specially designed program for the professionals who have several years of experience in the field. The Executive MBA program helps an individual in increasing the professional network and learns about globalization and adopts the professional techniques in the business operations to increase the productivity. Distance learning MBA programs are popular these days and also Executive MBA program is offered through online distance learning methodology.

Jaro Education and online Executive MBA

Jaro Education truly understands the importance of time in the working executives’ lives and hence, has designed a special and unique program in IT for such busy professionals. In association with a worldwide recognized Ulyanovsk State University from Russia, Jaro now offers One Year International MBA and 9 months International Executive MBA. Both the programs have many specialization options and Information Technology is one of them.

The veteran faculty at Jaro, teaches the core as well as the specialized subjects with a motto of imparting quality oriented theoretical and practical knowledge about the national and international economy. The subjects are taught through the online lectures and make this Online International Executive MBA program worthwhile for the executives who wish to proceed to the senior most designations.