Distance MBA in Finance – Profitable career avenue

Distance MBA degrees are not a dream now, but a hard core reality, that opens up many career prospects for the enthusiasts. Finance industry is a never ending industry and needs many professionals in the field globally. MBA in Finance gives a guarantee of a lucrative pay package. A finance career is better started off with an MBA program in Finance. Jobs in finance, particularly in investment banking, have traditionally been the most popular career track for MBA graduates.

distance mbaThe MBA qualification has traditionally been seen as a general management degree, and only recently have specialist programs dedicated to the finance profession been developed. Because of the departmentalization in the business corporations, the need of specialized MBAs has increased. People having specific skills particular to Finance, HR, Retail management, leadership etc get placed in that particular department of the organization and can get the best work experience in their related field.

Distance MBA at Jaro Education

Jaro Education, in collaboration with a University Grants Commission (UGC) and Distance Education Council (DEC) recognized University from India now offer 2 year Distance MBA program in Financial Management. The MBA programs are specially designed for the international and national markets and are perfect for the working professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to pursue distance MBA as per their convenience and at an affordable price.

The veteran faculty at Jaro through the medium of distance education enlightens the candidates on the Finance subjects such as Financial Management and Capital investment and financial decisions. Along with these specialized subjects, the core subjects such as Management Theory & Practice, Accounting & Finance for Managers, Managerial Economics, Quantitative techniques for Managerial applications, Business law, Organizational Behaviour, Business Policy and Strategic Management, Executive Communication & research methodology and Industrial Training are also taught.

As the program is offered through distance learning, the working professionals can study as per their time schedule and also appear for the exams as per their own convenience. After successfully completing the Distance MBA in Financial Management from Jaro Education, the candidate is provided 100% placement assistance and this helps the candidate to search for the right job.