Step up the corporate ladder with MBA in Operations

MBA in Operations not only enable an individual to be efficient enough to plan, develop, operate and manage a company but it also gives him the power to take significant functional decisions in the respective organization. The MBA program acquaints students with the skills and information that helps them in handling large organizations’ or companies’ adequate sources, which are related to its workers, followed by proper using all such sources in cost-effective mba

There is an added advantage when the program is International MBA instead of regular MBA. The International MBA program not only instructs you about the corporations’ requirements of your own country, but also, enables you to be experienced about the international styles. Most worldwide companies have their functions in India. They prefer professionals having information about universal topics. This has made international education more vivid.

Online International MBA secures better future

Jaro Education thought about this increasing pattern of international MBA and hence, came up with an Online International MBA. This means one can get the information about the international market without personally participating in the sessions at the specific School. The three unique and versatile MBA programs are been offered by Jaro, together with, an international recognized Ulyanovsk State University from Russia.

One Year International MBA, 6 months’ Double MBA and 9 months’ International Executive MBA programs offer an expertise in Operations.  Along with the primary topics such as International Business Control, Global Business Law & Business Lifestyle, Global Business economics, Business Behavior, Financial & Control Bookkeeping, Human Resource Control, Marketing Control and Control Information Systems; topics specific to the field of operations are also trained.

These subjects include International Logistics, Total Quality Management (TQM), Production & Operation Management, Purchase & Material Management, Project Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. In addition to this, 5 online lectures of 2 hours each will be provided by Ulyanovsk State University’s staff on the subject –Russian Business Management & Business Practices.

Placement options

By efficiently finishing the course, one can be placed in roles such as Local Operations Administrator, Home of Business Development, Home of Business Control, Administrator of Investment Operations, Home of Operations, Business Efficiency Administrator, Global Shipping & Strategies Administrator, Supply Chain Stock Specialist, Service Operations Administrator, Commercial Production Administrator and many others.