Contribute to the Nation’s well-being with Power Management

Power is one of the most talked about issues all over the world today. There has been a collective worry for power and its management by all countries. A number of awareness campaigns regarding the judicial use of power and energy are being run worldwide in order to familiarize the masses with the depletion of resources. It is important to make a fair use of power in today’s world to prevent the existing resources from getting depleted. Also, new and alternate modes of power generation have to be discovered in order to balance the total need of power.

Teamwork and team spiritCountries all over the world are in need of expert and professional power managers in order to ensure a fair use and conservation of power. There is an urgent need to balance the overall demand and supply for power. As there has been tremendous use of power by countries in the last few years, the resources used for power generation are feared to get extinct soon. Power managers are expected to wisely plan the use of resources and suggest alternate modes of power generation. Power management is therefore a challenging task and offers wide scope in the future.

MBA programs dealing with power management have gradually started developing worldwide. They educate the aspirants about the aspects and trends in this field and prepare them to face the challenges confronting power management all over the world. International MBA familiarizes the students with global problems and imparts the necessary qualities to cope with them.

Jaro Education offers a comprehensive and dynamic online International MBA program in Power Management, in collaboration with the Ulyanovsk State University of Russia. The program aims at creating able managers in this field and is offered at affordable fees. Being recognized worldwide, it serves as the best online MBA program with its well-planned curriculum and 100 percent placement assistance.

Course curriculum and job prospects

The program covers vital aspects such as Management of Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Energy Conservation, Non Conventional Energy Resources, etc.

After successful completion of the course, one can expect job offers from leading power generation firms and organizations dealing with the transmission of power at the national and international level.