Engross and Understand strategies used by HRM with Alliance University

Human Resource ManagementAdopting the optimistic practice approach is argued that organizations experiences enhanced commitment from employees leading to improved organizational performance, higher levels of quality service ultimately increases in productivity and profitability.

HRM practices are offered in support of dedicative commitment and with consistent performance: 

Recruitment and selection: Recruiting and selecting staff with the correct attitudinal and behavioral characteristics s one of the prime duties of HR.

For the selection and recruitment process a range of assessments are utilized to evaluate the work values, personality, interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities of potential applicants in order to meet their demands.

Teamwork: it’s the HR’s duty to make use of semi-autonomous, cross-process and multi-functional teams in order to attain the goal and objective of the organization.

Training and development: training and development are needed to equip operative level staff with team working and interpersonal skills with the motive to develop their service orientation. It also aims to enhance and leadership style amongst employees who encourages to a more facilitative results and outcome.

Appraisal: this technique is old yet effective till that, this traditional approach known as appraisal helps to support things such as customer evaluation, peer review, team-based performance, etc. these performance by appraisal systems helps the employees to focus on the quality goals of the organization.

Rewarding quality: it’s the human resource manager’s duty to reward the employee who has worked hard for more creative system in particular with the aim of attaining promotion or for attaining quality goals within the organization.

Job security: job security is amongst the most essential component for an employee and thus it becomes the HR’s duty to hire and make permanent employees who constitutes quality approach.

Employee involvement and employee relations: emphasis of HR must be to offer autonomy, creative, co-operation and self-control work process environment for the employees. Making use of educative and participative mechanisms, such as team briefings and quality circles helps to allied changes in the organization of work that further helps to attain an ‘empowered’ environment.

Simpler terms finest practice is likely to entail attempts to enhance the skills base of employees through HR activities such as selective staffing, comprehensive training and broad developmental efforts like job rotation.

About Alliance University:

Alliance University established in Coimbatore by the government of Karnataka falls under one of the highest ranked universities in India. The human resource management program coaches’ students for careers demanding most efficient techniques. Students are hence introduced with all the concepts that help them in enterprise resource planning along with gaining the opportunity to work with sophisticated organizations.

Jaro Education in collaboration with Alliance University, Bangalore offers Human Resource Management Executive program entirely contrived for working professionals, housewives, fresh graduates, etc, .

Alliance University is jointly recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and being the first Indian B-school to be accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), USA.

Alliance executive PGDM program of 16 months which is at par with any Top Executive MBA Programs in India. It aims at preparing professionals for career growth with a good post in multinational companies.

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