Attain exemplary International MBA in Operation Management from Ural Federal University

Operational ManagementOperations management has gained an increased recognition in the recent years for reasons, such as:

The application and use of Operation Management concepts in actual service operations.

It facilitates an expanded definition of quality.

Operational management concepts have been successfully introduced in other functional areas like marketing and human resources.

The realization that the operation management have developed and enhanced the sense of realization of it to add value to the end product.

Operations management plays an indirect yet an important, role in the societies in which all individuals live. It is responsible for the food individuals eat and the table on which he/she eat it; it provides with the clothing facilities to transportation services, in the form of an automobile, train, or airplane, etc. thus operations management affects nearly all aspects of our day-to-day activities.

Operations Management could be defined as management of direct resources that are acquired to produce and deliver value through the organization’s goods and services. Every function in the organization whether marketing, finances and accounting, production, purchasing, or human resources adds value to the customer. Operations management concepts are significantly used productively in every function of the organization.

Operations management could also be defined with two prominent perspectives:

  • First with respect to its overall role and contribution within an organization

  • Second focusing on the day-to-day activities that fall within operation management areas of responsibility.

Within the operations function, management decisions are further divided into three categories:

  • Used for strategic i.e., long range of decisions.

  • Used for tactical i.e., medium range of decisions.

  • Used for operational planning and controlling short range of decisions.

These three areas could further be viewed as a hierarchical approach to operations management, with the decisions made at the lower level depending on those decisions undertaken at the higher level.

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