Multiple Endowments of a Human Resource Manager

Human Resource ManagerA human resource manager in general is responsible for meeting and fulfilling the objectives of an organization. But there are certain other qualities required for a Human Resource Manager in order to attain these requirements.

  • He/she must inherit qualities of a leader with high intellectual powers.
  • He/she must be a visionary.
  • He/she must also be a philosopher who provides the initiative to shape the future.

Listed below are the other endowments of human resource manager practiced for a successful in terms of leading organization towards achieving more prosperous and progressive goals.

As an Intellectual: The basic skill in the human resource field as compared to technologists or financial experts is the skill to communicate, articulate, and understand when it comes to putting policies and agreements in black and white. He/she must have a good and fluent command over the language. Human resource manager must know to deal with employees and he/she must possess the skills of conducting beneficial and systematic discussions. He/she must also uphold a position to formulate principles and foresee the problems occurred inside the organization. For this kind of activity human resource manager acquires the mental ability to deal with people in an intelligent manner by understanding and listening to them.

As an Educator: having a command over language is not enough to be an effective human resource manager, instead he/she must deeply have interest in the field of knowledge and learning in order to achieve the goal. This helps the human resource manager to increase their potential. In order to harmonize the growth of individuals within the organization, a personnel administrator must provide opportunities for his employees to not only learn, but to provide them with the demanded training services that assimilates new ideas amongst them. The human resource manager must not just be an educator but also a self learner.

As a Discriminator: human resource manager must know to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong, in terms of merit and non-merit basis. He/she must not be a partial person. He/she in simpler words must be a good judge whenever before selecting candidates. He/she must be a fair person who follows certain morals, disciplinary acts and maintains the conducts of the organization.

As an Executive: The human resource manager must execute the decisions of the management and its policies with speed, accuracy and objectivity. He/she must streamline the office, tone up the administration and set standards of performance in the organization. He/she must also know to maintain and coordinate the control functions in relation to the various other divisions in an attempt to bring unity of purpose and direction in the activities of the personnel department. He/she must know to ask relevant questions must not be or confined to just office routine. The status quo of the organization must also be maintained by human resource manager at an executive level. He/she must have the inquisitiveness to find out causes of delay, tardy work and wasteful practices, increasing inside the organization related to the work and must know to eliminate these activities to meet the objectives and purposes of the organization.

As a Leader: being responsible and concerned with the individual or groups of people, inside the organization. The Human resource manager must know to display the charismatic role of leadership in an organization. He/she must set their own example and by working towards the objectives of sound personnel management practices. He/she must inspire the employees by motivating them and pushing them for a better performance. He/she must also know the techniques to resolve the conflicts of different groups and build up teamwork within the organization.

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