Ural Federal University fork’s over International Executive MBA programs in Hospitality & Tourism

International Executive MBA programsBefore entering into any industry applicant must know the basic fundamentals as well as factors that affects tours & travels Industry. Hospitality & travel Industry are amongst the most happening industries which facilitates a large amount of exposure for people associated with it. Every industry constitutes of several pros and cons, hence below are stated some cons of tours & travel industry:

Elements that affects hospitality & tourism industry:

Tourism industry is regarded as the key source of revenue for livelihood at both global and domestic level. However there are several factors that have led to decline in tourist arrival in this industry.

The most common factors that could be categorized that affect the hospitality & tourism industry the most are as follows:

Changes in Destination: 

The choices of places visited by tourists for holidays or leisure have significantly changed over time. This is due to the fact that certain destinations have started to lose its popularity as a result it has started to be tagged as unfashionable, resulting in decline of tourist picking it as a tourist spot.

Changes in society have also created new destinations through proper planning and support by various parties. For example, Increase of ecologically friendly conscientiousness among tourists that has led to the development of ecotourism globally today.

Types of customer: 

The main elements in tourism and travel industry are the customers also termed as a group or bunch of individuals. These could be more elaborately focused on and categorized as more varied customer groups. These individuals or groups could further be sub-divided into:

  • Leisure travelers.
  • Business travelers.
  • Independent travelers.
  • Age-specific groups.
  • Package holidaymakers.

Duration of Stay:

Duration of stay is another important factor in tours and travel industry as the time period of touring of individuals depends from person to person. The demand of customers where flexibility is constantly demanded have led to more rise in expectations from tours & travels industry. Nowadays individuals prefer taking shorter breaks especially during the weekends as a result more firms are adopting flexible working patterns enabling employees to have long holidays in their career breaks.

Diversified Things to Do: 

Working individuals, housewives, youth and other people have been adapting a healthier lifestyle, for this they often prefer to travel which has significantly encouraged:

  • Extreme and risk sport holidays tailored for youth.
  • Adventure holidays for all kinds of individuals.
  • Leisure and activity-related breaks tailored for stressed people.

Political aspects:

Political aspects also influence tours and travel industry to a lot extent. Factors that affects are as follows:

  1. War on Terror: the terrorist attacks that have occurred in the recent years have caused several securities over travel that has created serious impact on the tourism industry which has eventually led to:
  • Demise of certain destinations prone to terrorist attacks.
  • Increased in business failures.
  1. Increase in Security and Safety Airport security has been witnessed as the priority in order to attract more investment.
  • Health issues:
  • Emerging epidemics have significantly affected travel and tourism industry.
  • Examples of previous well-known epidemics are:
  • SARS which had a severe impact on Asia and Australasia.
  • Effect of foot and mouth disease on tourism in the United Kingdom.

Technological Change:

  1. Introduction New Transportation Methods:

The development of the tourism and hospitality industry has continued to increase since the turn of the new millennium with the invention of new transportation systems. Some of the new transportations methods used by tours & travel industry include:

  • Super ferries and cruise ships
  • New land bridges
  • Space tourism
  1. Introduction of E-commerce

Continue growth of e-commerce with online booking and purchasing. This has estimated that there is a 5 percent of global population online currently which affects tours and travel industry and has resulted in making it more advances.

About Ural Federal University:

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