Apprehend Promotion as the prime component in Marketing Management with Alliance University

Executive PGDMThe main objective of this topic is to introduce and make students understand the various components of marketing for a prosperous career. Below is stated with the introduction of the most important component required for a successful marketing strategy i.e.; promotion.

Promotion defined in simpler terms: promotion simply means to put forward a simple idea in the most innovative and creative way to gain the acceptance and approval by the marketer and the consumer. It can also be defined as is any communicative activity promoted with the sole objective to promote a product and service of distinctive range idea in a chain of distribution.

Promotion could also be stated as the efforts made by the marketer in order to inform and persuade buyers for the respected terms:

  • To accept the product.
  • To use the product.
  • To recommend the product to others.
  • To repurchase the idea and concept used behind the product.
  • To provide a good service for the consumers through their respected product.

With the promotional activities marketers always attempt to affect the knowledge, attitudes, preferences, and behavior of individuals popularly known as buyers or consumers.

There are various forms of tools used for promotion by different companies. This tools is also known as promotion-mix variables:

  • Advertising.
  • Sales Promotion.
  • Personal Selling.
  • Public Relations.

In any exchange activity, communication is absolutely necessary. The company may have the best product, package etc. but still people may not buy the product if they haven’t heard of it. The marketer must communicate to his/her buyers and facilitate them with adequate information about the product in the most simplistic language. Individuals must be aware of the right product available located at the right place and at the right price. Hence promotion plays the main role in marketing.

Thus promotion is the process of marketing communication involving information, persuasion and influence. The three specific purpose of promotion are as follows:

  • Communicates with marketing information to consumers, users, and prospects.
  • Promotion persuades and convinces the buyers.
  • Act as powerful tools of communication.

Providing the cutting edge to its entire marketing programmed. Thus promotion is a form of non-price competition. Promotion is thus responsible for awakening and stimulating demand, capture demand from rivals and maintaining demand for products even against keen competition and hence it makes it pivotal for an applicant to master and understand the role of promotion in marketing management.

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