Alliance University Introduces Executive PGDM program in Marketing Management

Executive PGDM

Management is the processes of planning, organizing directing motivating and coordinating and controlling of various activities of a firm. Marketing is the process of satisfying the needs and wants of the consumers. The management of marketing activities is known as marketing management. It focuses upon the physical & psychological factors of the market. Marketing manager is held responsible for influencing customer’s demands in context to the level, timing, and composition of the term.

Psychological factors in market could be defined as factors influencing the buying behavior or habit of the customers. Physical factors in market could be defined as to fulfilling the increasing demands of the customers by providing with a good and better product design, distribution and other factors. Any action that occurs in the market and affects it could be summarized as marketing management.

Marketing management involves and performs various functions like: planning, organizing, directing, motivating, coordinating and controlling activities in the market. All these strategies are aimed to achieve the marketing goals.

Functions of marketing: –

  • Objectives: – marketing management determines the marketing objectives; it could be a short term or long term and it need to constitute a clear approach. The objective of marketing management has to be in coherence with the aim and objectives of the respective organizations.
  • Planning: – in order to attain any objective the second and the most important step involved is the planning. It’s important to understand the functions of the markets in order to attain the objectives. This includes involvement and making of marketing strategies, programs and keeping an eye on the changing market like sales forecast, etc.
  • Organization: – implementation is the third step that comes next to planning. Organization is a key factor to achieve the desired goals, the more the organized plan would be the easier and better would be the outcome of it. This involves functions of marketing management, collection and coordination of the strategized plan. It also involves distribution of roles and duties, responsibilities amongst the various members involved in marketing department.
  • Coordination: this refers to balanced adjustments in the activities of the marketing organization. Coordination involves coordinating with people and the team in context to various activities like sales forecasts, product planning, product development, warehousing etc.
  • Direction: direction in marketing management ultimately refers to development of marketing plans, leading the employees with the help of leadership qualities, motivating them and inspiring them with proper guidance and lastly to supervise effectively in order to achieve a efficient outcome.
  • Control: control or controlling refers to effectively monitoring the implemented market plan. This involves evaluation and determination of the products and adopting corrective measures to avoid errors.
  • Staffing: for marketing management correct and qualified applicants who would be able to successfully help in the execution is demanded. In order to scout for such qualified applicants the marketing manager ensures this job to be assigned to the company’s Hr.
  • Analysis and Evaluation: The marketing management involves the analysis and evaluation of the productivity and performed by each individual employee in the plan and through-out the marketing venture.

There’s a huge demand of marketing managers in today’s world especially when globalization has significantly out struck the market. Business capitalization has also led to increase in demands for marketing managers.

Alliance University offers Executive PGDM Program in Marketing Management:

One of the most prestigious universities in India; Alliance University, Bangalore in collaboration with Jaro Education offers Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Alliance University was established in Coimbatore by the government of Karnataka. The University is jointly recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and being the first Indian B-school to be accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), USA.

Alliance University comes under one of the highest ranked universities in India. The management information systems major prepare students for careers involving leading-edge enterprise technologies and the analysis, design, and management of computer-based information systems.

Alliance University provides students with the opportunity to analyze existing business processes and learn to utilize digital technologies to improve and/or design new models. As a result students are able to apply the concepts of enterprise resource planning and work with sophisticated enterprise systems to help companies achieve their goals.

The executive program in marketing management introduces students to the crucial role that marketing plays in business development. Holders of our Marketing Management qualifications will have a good knowledge and understanding of the key principles of marketing and would be able to relate it at workplace.

It offers Executive PGDM program of 16 months exclusively tailored for employed professionals who are not able to pursue a full-time course. The course is at par with Top Executive Programs in India in terms of curriculum and aims at preparing professionals for career growth at higher echelons’ in multinational companies.

The mission of the Executive PGDM Marketing Management program is to prepare the next generation of marketing managers to lead enterprises in innovative ways. There is demand for skilled professionals, corporate executive marketing managers who are capable of taking risks and fulfill the client’s demands. This program is well-suited for working professionals. To Enroll with PGDM Executive Marketing Management program, Click Here: