Alliance University endeavors Executive PGDM in Information System Management

Executive PGDMInformation is a key resource and plays an important role in the information society. Treating information as resource itself is a change in information management. Different issues in information management are management of change, systems and services, technology, collection development, personnel management, finance and planning, etc.

Information is a valuable resource for all organizations. It is a self-regenerative resource and it’s a key economic element. It can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, with end number of times and yet would remain undiminished. This also requires intensive use of information technologies. If only this resource be properly managed and used, it could help in stimulation of innovation, speed up of product development, increased in levels of productivity and ensures consistent standards of quality.

Information plays an important role public as well as private sectors. In private sectors, information is particularly important for: Product design, manufacturing process, Commercial / business transactions and for marketing. To fulfill the demands and meet the requirements of the customers, design and development of products need a high level of market intelligence and an understanding of ways in which customer refuses different products.

What is Information Systems Management? 

Information Systems Management (ISM) is the application of information technology used to support major functions and activities of both private sector business and public sector institution. It is widely accepted that managing the information resource is an essential element for any organization.

Information System Manages:

  • Process of collection of information resources
  • Manipulation of those resources
  • Storage and safeguarding information
  • Lastly distribution and utilization of organization’s information resources

Qualities Information system management professionals must inherit.

They must possess a solid mix and sense of business with technical knowledge. They must understand organizational structures, its objectives, objectives, apprehend company’s operation that includes flow of data between processes and financial implications.

By assimilating the above mentioned factors, only then an information system management professional could communicate effectively with the clients and following then could provide with the support and design demanded by them.

ISM managers must update their information knowledge and must develop a solid foundation of technical skills that would further help the applicant in selecting appropriate technology and implement computer based information. These applicants/managers must be well versed in topics related to system of development of tools and techniques, information architecture, networks, etc.

The Information Systems Management is a multi-disciplinary major which focuses on the fusion of various information systems, technology, and business management for purposes like to use information systems as a tool for solving business problems and the management of technology.

Alliance University offers Executive PGDM Program in Information System Management:

Alliance University was established in Coimbatore by the government of Karnataka. The University is jointly recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and being the first Indian B-school to be accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), USA.

Alliance University comes under one of the highest ranked universities in India. The management information systems major prepare students for careers involving leading-edge enterprise technologies and the analysis, design, and management of computer-based information systems.

Alliance University provides students with the opportunity to analyze existing business processes and learn to utilize digital technologies to improve and/or design new models. As a result students are able to apply the concepts of enterprise resource planning and work with sophisticated enterprise systems to help companies achieve their goals.

It offers executive PGDM program of 16months exclusively tailored for employed professionals who are not able to pursue a full-time Program. The Program is at par with Top Executive Programs in India in terms of curriculum and aims at preparing professionals for career growth at higher echelons’ in multinational companies.

The mission of the Executive PGDM Information Systems Management program is to prepare the next generation of technology managers to lead enterprises in innovative ways. Organizations face challenge of managing complexity in competitive market. Thus there is demand for skilled professionals, corporate executive information systems management managers who are capable of introducing innovations in corporate world. The Executive Information System Management PGDM Program is well-suited for working professionals. To Enroll with PGDM Executive Information System Management program, Click Here: