Are You Thriving or Surviving?

International Executive MBA“Thriving.That’s fighting… Surviving is barely getting by”― Jillian Michaels

Today’s job market reflects the impossible aspects of surviving. You need to be more than yourself to make progress from surviving to thriving. This includes your overall development. Some people are great in academics but when it comes to sharing their views, they tend to shun away. Some people have excellent personality and really can talk, but lack on the front of knowledge. Everyone has some inbuilt skills and some traits they lack. It becomes really clumsy to evaluate what exactly the corporate world demands. And to what extent the perfection is desired to pass the stage of thriving.

What does it take to become thriving?

Here we are discussing that what exactly it takes to acquire that cutting edge competency. The most important thing is to have that aggressive passion, and to furnish that passion you need to have:

  • Management skills
  • Outstanding knowledge of global corporate world
  • Analytics plays a very important part in any sector and any business
  • Strategic planning
  • Problem solving, which means to provide instant solutions to the complex situations
  • Negotiation, the most powerful tool carry out the business projects successfully
  • These are yet few skills because communication and confidence again are very important on the corporate front.

How to bridge the gap of surviving and striving?

A management program which can instill all the qualities to bridge the gap should be from the global perspective. That program should impart knowledge of global business providing insights of the corporate industry. The esteemed URAL Federal University in collaboration with Jaro Education offers online international MBA at par with any international Executive MBA programs or distance MBA. The program teaches the requisites of a good manager and also incorporates the values of a good leader. The program instills the requisites of global market, incorporating the strategies to succeed on the global front. URAL University is ranked under top 500 universities in the world and comes under the top 5 universities in Russia.

The key features of the program from URAL University are:

  • The Jaro Education faculty is comprised of industry experts with the constant international exposure who give insights during online recorded sessions with the motive of upgrading the analytical skills of students of global business.
  • This program comes with the variety of specialization in 17 subjects.
  • Online and recorded video lectures, PDFs are accessible anytime-anywhere and other course materials are made available around the clock on the internet.
  • Emphasizes at providing balance between education and experience.
  • Imparting knowledge of macro economics and other important aspects of global business market.
  • Ease of appearing for the exam at the nearest possible centre.
  • Acquiring knowledge of business market which could be implemented on a global scale.
  • Placement assistance is provided to every single student

Jaro Education international MBA opens the doors for international opportunities

You can only strive after you have learned the art to survive!

Click here to create your own path to success today! As it is said that, we stop living when we stop growing.